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Mobile phone number: (205) 595-0078 , 205 595 0078 , 2055950078
Mobile phone number in international format: +1 205-595-0078 , 1 205 595 0078

Phone number information

Phone number location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
US phone area code: 205
Phone number prefix: 205595
Number of views: 80
At the moment, we have little information on 2055950078, but we do know that it is registered in Birmingham, Alabama. This number has an international dialing format +12055950078. If anyone has information on this phone number, please write.
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I received a call but unable to hear the conversation due to network problem. Please reply me by my mail.
i got a call form this number . need to know whose number is this. I need to get the detaails as i have received a call from this number various times but i was not able to connect due to poor network and when i call back the number isnt getting through.
Got a voicemail from the number 1 937 453 1929. Called it back. A man who said,he was Office David Jones from the social security office, he gave me his ID number and a Case number. He stated that my SSN is under investigation for fraud. He wanted my SSN for verification. I never did but he knew my address and phone number...I asked him why I've not received any letters of notification that my SSN is being used for fraud...I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor and he said he was the supervisor, so I asked to speak with a sub-supervisor he asked me why and I tolded him I was not going to give out my SSN. So he asked for my last 4 digits. I still refused. So I asked if I can go to my local SS office and I asked for the address....he gave me Dallas Texas address...I live in Louisiana, so I played even more asking for the full address and he gave it to me... Told him I can't make it till Monday morning... He said it was urgent to take care of it now and to give me the correct SSN so he could get started on the investigation....I got tired of the playing so I hung up.... Looked up the number and it's a Bowersville, Ohio Number. The scammers are doing their best to get our information and steal it to use . Hope this helps someone. Don't ever give out your information.
Good day, I received a call through this number, but due to bad mobile network the call drop. And I tried to called back since then,but it diverted . I will be very appreciative of I can receive a mail from the user, I mean from the owner of this number.
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