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Mobile phone number: (712) 485-0001 , 712 485 0001 , 7124850001
Mobile phone number in international format: +1 712-485-0001 , 1 712 485 0001
Information about the phone number
A country: USA
State: Nela (Iowa)
Number of views: 2
The last IP that searched for this number:
The location of the last user was looking for this phone number: San Miguel, Central Luzon (BUL), Philippines, Asia
The time zone for the last user who searched for this phone number: Asia/Manila
1. Charles30-04-2019 г.
I got call from this number after turning off airplane mode I wonder why
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A person claiming to be a young woman is messaging me claiming to have a video of me and is trying to extort money from me to feed kids In africa. Can you please shut this number down cause I get no answer when I try to talk to this person.
I received a call from 0014104123842 which obviously is spoofing or other illegal use. The caller, Kevin, stated that he was calling from Microsoft service department. After asking I was told that he called from the UK, Wembly. At the end of the conversation, after I told the caller that I wil report his action, the caller started cursing me.....
Its a scam.. After you send personal information and about your bank, he will eventually ask you to send money for process...
Hello Iam somali Citizen Living in Hargeisa I complaint in telephone this phone number he has made me busy
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