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Mobile phone number: (800) 922-0204 , 800 922 0204 , 8009220204
Mobile phone number in international format: +1 800-922-0204 , 1 800 922 0204

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Phone number location: Toll Free, USA
US phone area code: 800
Phone number prefix: 800922
Number of views: 72
800 922 0204 A heads up: I received 2 calls this week from Verizon Wireless (purportedly). The first time I hung up b/c no one responded after I answered. The second one was today and I answered and waited. After several seconds, someone began speaking who sounded very unprofessional and unpolished. Also heavily accented and using more casual language than usual for a legit call. Anyway, he said I was overcharged on my last bill, how did I want it refunded, and then asked for login info for my account so he could process it. I hung up. SCAM. Watch out. The refund scam is back!
I just got a call from them, too. Woman with a heavy Indian accent who was kind of hard to understand. I kept telling her that this call didn't sound right. Sure enough, I Googled the number she called from and it came up as spam. the phone call didn't last too long after that. Stay safe!
got texted to call this number from the short code 900070001522 claim to be verizon and giving 25 off my unlimited plan .. uhh ??
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