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This number just called me and I'd like to know who it is.
I just want to check if that person is correct
SSA calling asking for info then when I told her I wasn't giving her my info she said f*ck. U
scammer. tried selling car using ebay gift cards as payment. No ebay account. Car not listed on ebay.
আমি এই নাম্বার টা ক্রয় করেছি আমার নিজের জন্য আমি আশা করি আমাকে এই নাম্বারে সকলে কল করবে
This number belongs to Engr Paul Ferguson, who lives in Memphis,TN
you were calling my number a while ago. May I know who you are?
Hi! You called me just after my exam ended. Now i wonder how you got my number. I am from Russia. You can contact me here:
Scammer say he is gonna help you then take u off a lot of money dont trust hum
someone called me but i could not pick
Is this number being used by a scam artist to get money from people? 13023935285
Who is the owner of this number ?
Who is the owner of this phone number please
I just want to know about this mobile# +12342497023 and who is this person it is a scammer or not.. Thank you very much for the cooperation. Have a great day
Estimados, quisiera saber si este telefono es del Xenith Bank Mr. Marc A. Connor, gracias
The holder of this number is a scammer, a bad guy.
Se supone que es un chico llamado Daniel Meyers
Me llamaron de ese número pero yo no hablo inglés, y quiero saber de dónde me están llamando y para que quieren hablar conmigo. Espero me puedan contestar lo más pronto gracias.
I wanna know if this number owned a real person or a fake one.. Scammer...
you have called me can call me now on +251979637210..or you can contact me by my email
, U found a hidden giveaway... txt:YES 2 get your million dollar ticket! Spam
This number is a scam number. do not believe its multi-million lies.
I got a text message from this number 8282025615 to follow a link to be rich, figured I would report this scam, as for 1 the number isn't someone that I know, and 2 I have no idea how scammers get access to other people's phone numbers. Would be a shame to have someone lose their info on a wrong link.
It's a recording but no one ever says anything it's just calls all the time...
Spam number pretending to be FIDO (called multiple times but the number is busy/doesn't exist), don't click the link, most likely a virus.
It's a scam. They text your phone and try to get u to deposit a check that they have done sent you. SCAM????????SCAM????????SCAM!!!!
This number has called me twice today and leaves a voicemail that starts close to the end of an automated message. It says something about criminal action and then repeats the phone number and tells you to call back quickly before they take legal action. I'm not even from the state this number is calling from either.
insurance scam call. report it to the nation registry.
This person advertise on Facebook job availability in canada USA
Missed call don’t know who it be
Dead air - spam caller. Switching noises, but no response for 30 seconds.
What do you want from me. Do you called me today
Received calls and don't know who it is
I lost my phone. Somebody stole my phone
Harassing back to back phone calls for days. Never left messages. I called back and they hung up on me 3 times. both email accounts have been hacked and valuable information linked with my emails were linked to this number and many conformation codes. Identity theft was reported. This took place in January when my emails were breached by this number and many mississippi numbers.
Yes I just keep getting calls from this number and was wondering who it was
This phone number is «William H Gilardy Jr ESQ», located at 1620 Ala Moana Blvd Ste 510Honolulu, HI 96815 (Hawaii)
I received a message to call this number, but does not say the purpose.
Phone call about saving on energy bill, but cuts out after about 14 seconds before an option to remove from calling list. Called several times within a few days. I have blocked the number.
I got call from this number after turning off airplane mode I wonder why
Rude telemarketer asking for personal info ; repeat calls ; makes demands to speak with people by name
Random spam bot that sends a link to one of those P*rnhub “people in your area are willing to f*ck” ads Also please don’t tell people my ip address
This person called me back after I told her not to and threatend to put my number on every call list in the USA until I changed my number or I put a bullet in my head. This person messed with the wrong person. LOL
He/she is a scamm(st)er. I was scammed for € 300 in gift cards.
Times what is the problems i have not heard from you since 3 months now. It everything alright am really suffering over here in Nigeria please do smthing withing your reach to help me come over
This number contacted me after meeting on POF. He had a sad story about being a military man how his heart was broken and how he had a son. Then that the base he was living at was attacked and he wanted ne send him money.
Hi, my name is Christian Castillo from Chile, I work at Ossesfilms, my colleague ask me to contact you (we have a missed call from this number), about a job here in Chile related to Drones, we would like to know more about your requirements, best regards.
This number phoned me in egypt, please call agin
Please this number, +16152405005 contacted me a few days ago. since the number is strange to me i decided not to tell whomever it is anything about me but unfortunately it seems the person knows almost everything about me. i am scared someone may want to hurt me. please help me.
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