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This number is related to a scam clothing company.
I have received call from +13074664118 number..i dont know who called...plz call back..
He wrote: "Actually, I'm on here looking for the right person to trust and spend lots of money. You could chat me on WhatsApp on +19252765839 to talk better" I guess a scammer
The person using this no is trying to fool people, and asking for money. A kind of cyber crime
Scammer trying to get you to purchase goods,
I would like to know about the program
Please I would know who is owner ofthe phoner 5187340656 Thank Paola Perez
They texted me at 3am, idk who this is.
texted my friend saying she would be r*ped. need to know who this is.
Bu numara arayıp kapatıyor.sahismi firmami dolandırıcının bilmiyorum bilen varsa bizleri bilgilendirdi.
Phone number detail. Person detail & address.
Need owner of phone #808 376 1187
Who is "cousin Sharon"? I don't have a cousin Sharon.
have been receiving unwanted messages from 1(830) 253-3977 need to know the name of person using number for police report
this number calls a gov site all the time.
Automated call from "social security". Scam
Debit collector who talks so low that you can barely hear them.
I would like to keep an eye on who is contacting this number. His name is Nathan or John Burk?
This phone number is located in USA , State Tennessee , Erwin Near Erwin Park
Missed the call. No message was left. I have no more information.
I need to know whos been texting me
I have been contacted by a person who sayshis name is Adam Zinn. Id like to know his real name
muy buenas tardes , acabo de enviarle un correo para postular al trabajo
My phone rang, and had plenty of service. I answered and no one responded. Insead, I was hung up on. +12108471169 was the full phone number received, which leads me to believe it was from a country outside the United States
This number is used to call my area code 720, why is that? Then voicemail and null extension comes up. ? What are codes for this voicemail?
how are you, hope you are cool I just wanna know you more than this
Who are u? Why are u callin me?
He is fun with girls in whats app and trying to bad conversation about that girls boy friend so he is trapping that girl
ان الذي يستخدم هذا الرقم شخص يستبذ اشخاص ويهددهم بالقتل ارجو منكم معرفة من صاحب الرقم واين مكانه
Answered,and no one answered back!
I need this number..I have a verification on this number
Who's the owner of +13156830448 that number
What's up how are my friend I think its you call me last sorry I want to ask you! What did you want to me?
1sec ringer, not sure if wrong number or else
I was contacted by text using this number. The sender claims to be with Western Union
This phone number is «Kane & Papa PC», located at 1313 E Cary StRichmond, VA 23219 (West Virginia). IT'S A SPAM CALL FOR ME AS I HAVE NO BUSINESS WITH THEM.
This nuber usd by person who make scam to me with fake facebook page and with mail and stolen from me with scam 3.100.00 euros Plz i want justise .this person play with me over one month with fake profile on facebook .He or she..usd fake fhotos from other person in Istagram who has no idea from this scam.He or She try slooly and time by time to make me fall in her or his tramp and at last he or she did it I know very well i lost my money but i want know every one what make to me. Thanks a lot your paze becouse with your site now i know very well were she or he lives..
Hi!, I am Vivian from the Philippines. I just want to check this number if it’s really legit. Because she offers a free shoes to give from her late son’s wish. I wanted to know if the owner of this number match the name that she told me. By the way she said she will be sending shoes through fedex for free without me thinking anything. I’m just worried she might send different thing opposite from what we agreed because for me she’s still a stranger even if her deed is for good. Thank you. I hope you could help me.
Today june 27 2019 at 1.50 pm dutch time. Somebody dailed the number 01131 45 5221397. What was the reason You had the opportunity to le a ve a message. Why did you not do this5shzy
Please I would like to know from which number is this and why the caller is calling my Brunei number. Thanks a lot
Call was definitely from a spoofed number!!!!!!!
I missed a call from the number don't know who it is.
Spam/nuisance call?? I couldn't tell if it was an automated voice system or an actual person; but "he" said like half a sentence, said "can you hear me alright?" and then the call ended when I responded with "yeah can you here me? Hello?" When I tried calling the number back, it was just "elevator" music.
Who owns this number: 907-764-4214?
I wanna know who is the owner because a guy gave it to me that number. I wanna make sure it is real.
Estafador italiano con direcciones falsas en Miami , ladrón nos robo más de 3.000 usd
Hiya, just missed your call. How can we help?
Annoying called back to back 6 times...
Just tell me its over and l will stop, please.
this number +12342497023 message me that he is karl roland is he fake? he is a scamer??
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