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SCAM keep calling me for 2 weeks from different similar numbers
Says it is the social security administration and They threatened my information.
Tengo una llamada registrada a su nombre
Phone rings but I get no response when I answer. I list this as Scam or Spam file,
I would like to know who this number belongs to
I was working for you and i never got paid and i can't get in touch with anyone i can't find a job and i thought i was working here i delivered a package and i check in with my manger everyday i haven't heard from her since the day i was supposed to get paid Please Please please can somebody get in touch with me I'm about to lose my house I'm about to be homeless please can you send me the 1600 that's owed to me Please are give me a call are a email please i need help please i don't no what to do please my number is 3185507389 please
i have missed the call from this number about 09:47 South African time. can you kindly call me back.
Awful person saying they have my lost cat and requesting money.
claims to be greg johnson wondering if this is a scam
Random number asking for dates
Hey who this be I've been getting calls
Yesterday I received an incoming call from this phone number. The man wanted to know my billing details. I said that I would report him to the police, and after that he started shouting at me ... I blocked this phone number ...
hello ma'am/sir, you have call my # but i didn't hear anything. if any important matter matters that we're going to discuss pls contact me again. thanks.
They texted with a link advertising offers to buy house. Link was a shady redirect, probably designed to phish for more personal details. Web Host: DCMG dot COM (which has job listings and a form for unsubscribing phone numbers.)
this number is my number for text plus app. is there any problem from using it ?
Hello! You called me (my last phone numbers 2237). I didn't know how to react cause I don't know anybody from NY. You can send me a message if you want. Irina.
Just wanted to. Know who was calling me
I'm almost positive that I'm not the only one that would appreciate it if you would get a life. Stop harassing people with your stupid little scams. It's pretty damn annoying. Thank you and get bent.
Who are you trying to contact? I found your ip address and will locate you if you dont answer or respond back.
Hi. How are you? May I know your name? Why your calling me yesterday on my Philippine number +639276170377. Thanks
looking for the owner of this number. because the owner of this number is requesting for personal reason. i am requesting the true identity of this owner .
I recieved personal request to this number. May i know whos number is this
the number is given as a contact for higher learning training institute that gives certification of recognized fields. want to confirm? +14065584394
I am looking for someone who has been calling me repeatedly recently, they also refused to give me their name
Cannot call this number back. Probably a telemarketer. Has called my business phone number during general business hours. Not happy with whoever it is.
I missed your call on +260961685852
This phone number 1.260.638.0529 is being used in a scam on Facebook. They hack an account and send you a message through messenger of the person they hack and tell you your name is on a list of winner for Mega Millions. They ask you to select the amount you want sent for a price, tell you to go but Google and Amazon gift cards. It's a scam.
Hi there my name is Arun from India.I would like to know this +1(201)877-1401 number belongs to whom? as i have met this person on Face book saying her name as Rose fabian as she is a military solider and presently serving in AFGHANISTAN is it true or false.It will be greatly appreciated if you could please help me with this through my email address you in advance.
You keep calling my daughter. Please stop
Unwanted call. No 1 on other end.
Claims to be IRS and there is a problem with my social security number. Caller had a heavy accent
Scam call claiming to be Hilton hotels
Recieved a death threat from this number out of the blue
These r bogus ppl so DONT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!!!!!!
This number calls and say this is social security and action has been taken aginst your ssn
This phone Number is “Brown & Friends”. Alabama
I want to know if the number +19033545582 is a right phone number, because i never reach a person. I get a voicemail but the person never calls back. Can you confirm to me wether the number is right ?
This number called me saying I owed $480 to quest diagnostics, that it was a collection company. I told the caller that I didn't get any bill from quest diagnostics to that effect . He said if I took care of the bill on the call, that it wouldn't reflect on my credit. He took my email address and was going to take my payment. I told him I was more comfortable paying directly to quest but then he said I could no longer make payments to quest since it was sent over to them. I just had to hang up, I don't see how it is not possible to call quest and pay directly to them if I truly owed them.
This is my phone number3372424698 I missed your call yesterday and day before and was wondering? My email is but prefer by call thanks. Travis Alexander.
Arjun T M», located at 3000 Landerholm Bellevue Washington
This phone number is «The Luthmann Law Firm», located at 706 Manhattan AveBrooklyn, NY 11222 (New York)
Scam, wants to pay you 499 a week to advertise for their company. Company name is Moon Orange Juice. They send a check USPS for 4,886.42. Tell you to take your first weeks pay from that and put the rest on money orders from walmart. Then send them a picture of the blank money orders. The check is no good. If you do what they want you will end up paying back your bank.I didn't fall for it but I played along.
Hi, today you called this number +79653090989, I'm from Russia. What do you want?) Give me your instagram talk)
Hallo Dee yesterday sent a letter for you to military road.Please read it. andrei
Bom dia , Sou o proprietário do flat em Santos do qual o Sr. Alugou.Estou tentando entrar em contato porem sem retorno. Gostaria de saber sua previsão de chegada para o checo um afim de que eu possa recebe-lo. Bem como dados de Rh ou CPF e nome completo dos hospedes afim de dar autorizacao de entrada No aguardo Atenciosamente Mauricio Chats App +5511971123665
Harrassment!!! For a non-existent truck warranty expiration. Multiple numbers used by same people. I've blocked at least 10. I even asked them to stop and still get them.
the phone no is +19062218321 check whats app it is very fraud no,action immediately
Number dialed my phone 12 times in less than 10 minutes and never left a voicemail
It is someone trying to get you to call them back by telling you your SS# has been suspended.
This company is nothing but SCAMMERS !!!! Beware because they are posing as the Department of Social Security and they left me a voice message saying that if I didn’t call them back they would move forward with legal proceedings. So I decided to answer the call this time and I told them that I was recording the call so I can report them and the guy on the other end decided it was a game and started talking very s*xually graphic about what he wanted to do with his man parts and then laughed at me while including a few very explicit names he was calling. I started getting aggressive as this has been going on for months with these types of calls and the guy kept going on and on about disgusting s*xual suggestions. Then he disconnected the call. I tried calling back several times and they must have my number flagged now cause they just let it ring forever and then automatically disconnect the call. The bigger issue here is that they are posing as The Department of Social Security which is a federal office and they clearly are NOT. Not to mention every rep has a very eastern Indian accent. I am going to continue to pursue this complaint with every website that allows. So if you get this call DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR SSN !!!!!!
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