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We receive many calls from this and they hang up. Do not repeat this behavior.
I was asked by a friend to call this number and check if everything is O.K. with her daughter. Though nobody knows me and we haven't seen us from face to face yet. Can I trust this number?
I missed the call from that number. Maybe can i know who owns it
this seems to be a fradulant call representing the Federal trade Commission
Calls over and over just listen to you then hangs up. IF I answer and don't say anything, they hello in Spanish. Obviously, they have no job.
Hi I got message too I'm from Philippines and Mr.Martin Flower sent me a text and he says talk to me in this email and this is his email that I message him and he said something Confidential about money he and he says I will got money...I want to know if its true but now I know its not...Becareful Guys
hello sir, how can you contact Stuart Bygrave? please let me know as we getting close to pickup date (19th Oct).. Regards, Santosh
Hello, I got a missed call from this number and was wondering who it is
Esta persona estafa en Chile hay que tener cuidado. This guy is so dangerus
Who could be calling me from Oklahoma if I don't know anyone there? Is it a scammer?
Is this the fax number for Queens health System Diagnostic laboratory Services Human Resources in Honolulu, Ohau? Need to fax them something regarding work and am not sure about the number that I got from the directory. If not, can you kindly give me the correct number so I can fax my documents to the appropriate number so they can receive my documents? Thanks you
This telephone no does not seem to be working and there are no ringing tone. I suspect is a scammers call. Please can you shed some lights on this? Please can you help me to see whether there is any help on this? I had been scammed. Please help me? Please help me?
Someone from this number who identified himself as Donomik Lee was involved in a Advanced Fee Fraud Conspiracy and stole $690 from me through my Coinbase account.
Some one called me from this number trying to investigate an accident in which I was not involved but, somehow, they had my name attached to it.
Hello, This is russel im using an internet sms service ive missed your call recently may i ask the reason of you call. Thanks!
Good afternoon Dear I missed a call from your number yesterday morning. I could not attend due to professional setback. Please, call this N. +244 918391273 - Angola Isaac Gabriel
Scammer. Was trying to steal my number for his (her) google voice mail. Be avare of sending any personal information to the person.
I received calls from this number4times. Upon returning the cal all I got was a beep and then hang up sounds. I do not know who it is and they did not leave a message.kind of suspicious.qq
I want to know who has this cell phone number and where they live at.
Got a phone call on cell number. I have visual text. It was obvious from start. I called it bad and a bad English speaking person answered IRS-legal division. I said "IRS"Sure and hung up. Scam call for surew
I want to know if this is not a scammer's number. I get messages from him. Presents for Richard Eric Hilton. Is it real?
This person is a scammer. Ask money for his/her birthday. He/She says He/She lives in Dallas. Be Careful..
Trying to find out if this person is a scam because I am applying for a job.
I want details of this number because with the help of this number many issues are created in India
This (+14055860196) number is allotted to me by Google Voice for account associated with You can contact me through Hangout or Voice Calls on this number! Regards, Vishal Singh Rajput
call me i need to ask you a question about laxitive meds that you gave hardy.
Dear Jenny, This is your sissa. How is everone at home? I am going to Kansas City International air port (MCI) on 25of sep.18. I will be in Chicago O'hare International,ORD from 11.55 to 22-20( 8H 25m). Is there any change to talk to you all.
This is my number. My Google Voice number linked to my main phone number via my Google account.
This number i got from Mr Tony Lombardi,is it correct that this number belong to this person with this name
Fuck off. Calls. Doesn't talk. Hangs up. Call back with music for 5 seconds then automatically says good bye. You can shove this phone number up your ballsack.
Caller claimed to be with IRS and to have important notices about our latest taxes. Voice was shaky and sounded elderly and asian. Hung up and put the number on our call blocker.
هذا الرقم سيه لغاي ارجم منكم اغلاق هذا الرقم انهو يحدث مشكل ويضر بلعلاقات الجتماعيه ارجو منكم اغلاق هذا الرقم
Bonjour j'ai reçu un coup de fil sur ce numéro via whats app la personne s'est fait passée pour un responsable travaillant au sein de l'organisme OCDE afin de faire bénéficier d'une subvention financière afin de financer un de mes projets. Enfin de compte j'ai fini par me rendre compte que c'est un escroc voulant avoir l'ensemble de mes informations personnel pour les utilisés à des fins d'escroquerie alors je vous prie de me renseigner sur le propriétaire de ce numéro. cordialement Arnaud Fourier
This person is blackmailing people. Block them if they message you.
I keep getting calls from this number No messages . Can u tell me who it is. I believe could be a scam
I am looking for my friend who had come to Greece many years ago and you have the same name. If you are, please write me an email. I want to know something for your life. Christos.
Dear Daegu Precision We hope you & your entire business all is going well! Allow me to take this opportunity to be introduced to you with this email. My name is Usman Javed manage a group of companies name (Christman Surgical Co.) settled in Asia, Pakistan. I found the name of your good company on the net. We are manufacturers and exporter of high quality Dental Instruments, Scissors, Forceps, Scalers, Rongeurs, Elevator, Retractors, Needle Holder, Scalpel Handle and Blade, Bipolar Forceps , Bipolar Cables, Monopolar Forceps, Monopolar Cables, Monopolar scissors Gynecology Instruments, Laparoscopic Instruments, Electrodes, Electro Surgical Pencils And Artery Sealer. Our company is producing custom designs and sizes as per customer’s requirements. Unlike other companies we don't simply sell. We are unique and appreciate that each individual customer needs are specific to them. We take the time to get to you personally and ensure the products we supply meet your requirements. We have production with latest technology equipment's for meeting the international quality standards. You can be assured of a superior level of service, quality workmanship & very fast turnaround times, so have a browse around and order with confidence today. Attached herewith are some article snaps with specification. Kindly visit our web site for updates & features. Thank you in advance for your anticipated response. Thanks & Regards, Christman Surgical Co. what’s app # +92 3416815954 Cell # +92-335-2830253 Landline: +92-52 3205039 Email: Address: Jammu Road Daluwali Pataser, 51310, Sialkot, PAKISTAN
Who's number is this keeps calling with no message all hours of the night
i received a miss call yesterday at morning 9.23 am local qatar time, just want to check who is this ?
this number is sending fraudulus SMS for Desjardins bank in Québec Canada
Called as IRS, tried get money, threatened me, told me to jump off a bridge and die. These people need to be stopped. This is serious.
This number has called me numerous times. Leaves no voicemail. I call back and the number says that it is disconnected. I do not know What is up. Something seems really fishy to me about that.
Calls and nothing when I answered and then called back ten minutes or so and didn't leave a message when I let them go to voicemail
I am trying to reach Jeffrey Joran Dickson. This is the last known number I have for him. I am concerned for his well being and would like any information that can be provided. Please send me any information you have concerning him and or his granddaughter Eva.
This number sould be removed ,it is disturbing many whatsapp user ok
scammer using this number to get people to pay monies for bitcoin
Good day This person is using this number to scam people into btc mining , taking monies from people ,promising them bicoin
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